Hip Hop Radio Needs A Young Voice

Everyday I go on Twitter or Instagram, I see young people like myself who have a desire to be heard. I’m talking about young people who range from 18-25 and have valid opinions on the culture we love so much. The problem for many of us is we feel like we are being shunned for being young. We feel judged by the people who came before us because we weren’t around for their golden ages. The ultimate consequence being that we have to wait our turn to be heard. Well this blogger isn’t waiting any longer.o-ANGIE-MARTINEZ-facebook

I have realized that doors don’t just open for people. In fact, people most of the time will try their best to keep them closed. I see people like Angie Martinez, Funk Master Flex, and Charlamagne tha god, at the top of their professions. I hear their stories about how hard they worked to get there and the time that had to be put in. I admire and respect them tremendously for that dedication. However, in that same breath, I feel like there is a notion that young people today don’t want to put the same work in. Which is a notion I completely reject. c ha

Are their people today who aren’t willing to put in work? Of course. Similarity to how their were people back then that didn’t want to put in the work.  Angie, Flex, and Charlamagne are special people of their time and there are special people today that will make themselves known in the future. funkmaster-flex-bomb-theverge-1_560

I personally have applied and was turned down from two radio internships. I couldn’t get on my school radio station cause I refused to be buddy buddy with people I didn’t respect. I could have quit on my dream and sometimes I do it get low on myself. However, refuse to let anybody decide my fate. I started my own YouTube channel  RealTalktv, when the internships fell through. I stayed in college and focused on finding another way into radio and eventually made it on my school radio station WHCR 90.3FM. Finally, here’s the kicker, in maybe a month I will start my own podcast with my friends called the 1-5-0.

My point here is young people want to be great too. Just give us time and you will see.