The meme’s and joke’s I’ve seen on Instagram over this picture has had me laughing for days now. I saw one where the post referred to Lil Uzi Vert as a new age aunty. I saw the shade room call Lil Uzi “sis.” I even saw one where people say that when you get a bunch of money you start dressing like a weirdo.  First, let me say that I am here for all of these jokes. Naturally, I love to roast people so uzi has to get these jokes.

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On the flip side, I did see a lot of genuine hate for this picture and the person in it. Obviously, a lot of this came from a homophobic place and the fact that a lot of people don’t like him as a rapper. People always seem to have a problem when a man chooses to dress in clothes that are deemed acceptable for women. To those people I would say, “Who cares?” Does it matter what a person wears when they are living their own life? I certainty don’t care. I’m just here for the jokes. He does look like the aunty on drugs but that’s his business. As for the music part, I don’t listen even so I’m not going to try and defend it. To each’s own right?


I think the message here is to accept people for their individually and uniqueness. Lil Uzi a weird little dude. This is a true story, but it is who he is and I’m ok with that. Truth be told I’m no stranger to a tight jean or two back in my day. People would clown me all they want to. It’s fine because they know I was killing the game so whatever. If uzi has that mentally which I believe he does, he will be ok. For everyone else let big sis rock lol. Please comment below and let me know what you think? If it is a good joke I promise you I’ll respond lol. Is Uzi’s outfit over the top? or should we just accept the him as hip hop’s rock star aunty? Thanks for reading guys!